Russia’s Gazprom to Develop Nassiriyah Oilfield

by Iraq localize

The Iraqi Cabinet has agreed to invite Russia’s Gazprom to develop the Nassiriyah oilfield as a single contract.

While described in a statement from the Prime Minister’s office as an “integrated development project“, to be offered as a “single bid“, it is not immediately clear if this is the originally proposed Nassiriya Integrated Project, which had reportedly been dropped following years of consideration. This would have included a major refinery.

The statement said:

“This decision exempts it from the justifications outlined in Article (3/Sixth) of the Government Contracts Implementation Instructions (No. 2 of 2014) and the accompanying standard documents.”

It added:

“The Ministry of Oil will bear the responsibility for the accuracy, validity, and integrity of the contractual procedures.”

(Source: Media Office of the Prime Minister)


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