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Located in the heart of vibrant Baghdad, Iraq-Localize is the first Iraqi company that offers integrated translation and localization services in the region.

From Gilit and Qeltu Mesopotamian Arabic to Sorani and Badini Kurdish, we cover all of the languages and diverse dialects of this culturally rich nation. (Check out Languages below).

Our personalized approach embodies our passion and unwavering dedication to every client, fueling our consistent and progressive expansion. We take pride in our commitment to QUALITY, RELIABILITY, EFFICIENCY, and CONFIDENTIALITY, ensuring the delivery of exceptional projects on time and within budget, without compromise.

Our growing reputation is founded on our track record of providing dependable and accurate results, promptly and efficiently. With our round-the-clock customer service, we offer real-time problem-solving and fast turnarounds.

At Iraq-Localize, we alleviate the challenges of language translation and localization by delivering swift, top-notch services for all your communication needs, across any language and content type.


Certified legal translation

Ensure accuracy and confidentiality with our certified legal translation services. Our expert translators possess legal expertise, delivering precise translations for contracts, agreements, and legal documents, while adhering to industry regulations.


Facilitate seamless multilingual communication with our professional interpretation services. Whether it's simultaneous, consecutive, or telephone interpretation, our skilled interpreters ensure effective language exchange for conferences, meetings, and remote interactions.


Expand your global reach through our localization services. We adapt your content to target markets, considering linguistic, cultural, and technical aspects. Localize your websites, software, and marketing materials to resonate with international audiences and drive engagement.


Make your audiovisual content accessible worldwide with our precise subtitling services. Our experienced team accurately translates spoken dialogue into synchronized subtitles, enabling a broader audience to engage with your videos, films, and multimedia presentations.


Enhance your language skills with our tailored language courses. Our experienced instructors provide personalized training to help you master a new language or improve your existing language proficiency, empowering you to communicate effectively in diverse contexts.

Desktop Publishing

Elevate the visual impact of your translated materials with our professional desktop publishing services. We combine language expertise with design proficiency to create visually appealing layouts for brochures, manuals, and marketing collateral, ensuring your translated content maintains its integrity and professionalism.

Why Us?

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Experience and Specialization

We ensure the highest quality by selecting our freelancers through a meticulous evaluation process that ensures only the most qualified and skilled professionals join our team. We provide high quality adaptations of content through our language experts and localization specialists for each dialect and field.

Speed and delivery on time

Our 100%-Iraqi professional teams of translators and project managers ensure speedy and accurate translations, delivering your content on time, every time.

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We are the only LSP in the world that covers all Iraqi living languages, including Iraqi Arabic, Kurdish (Sorani and Bahdinani), and Iraqi Turkmen Turkish. And that's not all, we can tailor your content to every variation of Iraqi Arabic across the region, including Iraqi Arabic Southern, Middle, and Western dialects; North Mesopotamian Arabic, aka “Moslawi”; Mesopotamian Qeltu Arabic, or Syro-Mesopotamian Arabic, together with Gilit Mesopotamian Arabic.


Karkh Sports Club Bldg., Mansour, Baghdad, Iraq

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