Contracts Signed for New Residential City near Baghdad

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Under the patronage of Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani, the signing ceremony for the new Ali Al-Wardi Residential City project took place on Wednesday.

Iraq’s Minister of Housing, along with the director of Egypt’s ORA Developers, Mr. Naguib Sawiris, signed the contract.

This project is the largest of five new residential city projects prioritized by the government.

Key statistics:

  • Project: Ali Al-Wardi Residential City
  • Location: Approximately 25 km southeast of Baghdad
  • Proximity to Airport: 74 km from Baghdad Airport
  • Total Land Area: 61 million square meters
  • Residential Units: More than 100,000
  • Green Areas and Parks: 5 million square meters

During the ceremony, the Prime Minister said that the government’s strategy to address the housing crisis involves developing serviced cities with infrastructure, and providing thousands of housing units suitable for diverse citizen groups. The aim is to reduce population pressure on Baghdad and tackle the challenges posed by the housing crisis.

He emphasized that this project is the first of its kind in Iraq in terms of scale and capacity, aligning with the government’s commitment to finding radical and sustainable solutions to the housing crisis.

The Prime Minister also highlighted that Iraq’s investment environment has become “effectively prepared and attractive.

Described by ORA as the largest residential city in Baghdad, the project aims to create a smart and environmentally friendly residential community that effectively integrates human needs and provides a unique experience for residents.

It continues:

The project varies between different residential units that meet the needs of various segments of society, ranging from economic units to luxury units.

“The project’s vision includes providing basic services such as education, health care, and social services, in addition to entertainment and shopping facilities for residents and the neighboring residents.

“The development is strategically positioned approximately 25 km southeast of Baghdad, and 74 km from Baghdad Airport and boasts a total land area of 61 million square meters. The project will avail more than 100,000 residential units along with green areas and parks over a span of 5 million square meters. The city will be specialized in providing all the technological means for smart cities and applying the highest standards of sustainability.

(Sources: Media Office of the Prime Minister; ORA Developers)


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